RESTACK vs Traditional Real Estate investing

How we better your Risk Return metrics

Traditional RE investing
Property type & gradeInvest in institutional quality commercial real estate (CRE)Mostly residential assets due to ticket size
Annualised returns (IRR)Our investments offer upto 16% IRR with annual cash yields>8%.Residential offers low IRR & low annual cash yields of ~2%
Vetted investmentsScreening & diligence is done by experts lowering riskLack of professional diligence
Fully managedWe ensure property management and compliancesNo single vendor managing leasing, tax payments and insurance etc
Investment processFully digital investing allows easy diversificationPaper process, time & effort makes diversification difficult
ResaleEasy exits through the secondary marketplaceTime consuming and illiquid

Fully Managed By RESTACK

Sourcing and screening of opportunities
Negotiations with Sponsors/ sellers
Due diligence by leading industry consultants
Underwriting & SPV structuring
Lease management, property tax, insurance & SPV compliances
Managing maintenance & repairs
Providing reports & updates on your dashboard
Commercial Property for Sale

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