How Fractional Ownership Works
Investment  Process
Step by step
Step by step

Our Screening Stages


We receive hundreds of proposals across India sourced by our experienced on-ground team or directly received from sponsors through our relationships.


The proposals are filtered for the ones fitting our investment thesis and clearing our initial screening checklist.


On clearing screening, detailed evaluation is done on market, asset, title & technical aspects. Optimal holding and capital structure is worked out.


A few approved investments that clear diligence are then posted live on our platform for investing.

RESTACK Makes It Simple

Earn high returns from Leased Commercial Property & Real Estate Debentures Investments(NCD). Investment plan starting from 10 lakhs with Passive Monthly Income


Signup on our website in a few minutes and view curated investments offering upto 16% return from Commercial real estate to high yield real estate debentures. We screen each investment and manage title and technical diligence, and you pick your investment basis your risk return profile.

Invest & earn

We create a SPV for each property, work out the optimal holding & capital structure and provide a fully digital investment process. Starting as low as INR 10 Lacs, you decide your investment amount to get proportionate co-ownership in the property and earn monthly returns directly in your bank account

Monitor & exit

Earn monthly income and get updates on property, distributions and returns using your portfolio dashboard, while our asset management team manages the properties. Access our secondary market to resell your investment through easy exits.

Commercial Property for Sale

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invest in the best.